About Us

The MAYA SOFT LIMITED has initially started its Journey to the world of IT in 1st of June 2013. With a view to eliminate obligations that is restricting technological advancement in Bangladesh, the company is proceeding with a qualified workforce. With features designed to take some of the strain out of running your organization, MAYA SOFT LIMITED gives the up to date assistance you may ask for. Our motive is to get engaged in every aspect of the field of IT, including software development, marketing of hardware items, communication and IT assistance keeping in mind the fact of affordability and convenience. The company provides a cluster of All Kinds of IT solutions for Company, Organization and individuals.

Our Vision

Our Vision and Mission do not stand alone.  They are integrated with our focused strategy and operating principles as well as the foundations of our business. At the center of all sensitivity is our vision and that is to accomplish the top position of the ICT sector of Bangladesh and to be a valuable contributor for which we will always be admired.

Our vision also implies that :

  • We provide quality products which is vital to sustainable IT progress and technological development in allover Bangladesh;
  • We are the people and an organization with superior capabilities and commitment;
  • We deliver first-class performance;
  • We earn the admiration of all our customers, host governments, local communities and our employees – not only for the goals we achieve but how we achieve them.

Our Mission

Our Mission articulates where we are as a company today and where we wish to be in the future. MAYA SOFT LIMITED mission is to deliver technologies that will help us to achieve the leading position in the ICT sector. Our cause is to eliminate the digital divide. Eliminating the digital divide allows everyone to take part in opportunities and contribute to solutions regardless of their geographic location or economic situation. Our intention is to provide high quality ICT solution, which in turn will be cost effective for the people who will acquire it.

Our association with our allies and clients is the most important fact of consideration for our confirmed achievement of our goal. Amalgamation of our strength and cooperation with the third parties for accomplishing our mission will eventually lead us to our vision. The products and services that we have promised to render will directly assist for the development of the ICT sector of Bangladesh.